BMC Remedyforce Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) template

BMC Remedyforce work breakdown template. Use for gathering requirments and scope for implementing Remedyforce and estimating effort and cost.

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BMC Remedyforce Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) template af Mind Map: BMC Remedyforce Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) template

1. Overview

1.1. Total Number of IT Users (Agents, ITSM Managers, etc) (Remedyforce Console Users)

1.1.1. Will users be automatically created from a data source? (e.g. Active Directory, HR System, etc.) What is the system/source of the people data?

1.1.2. Are you planning to leverage Single Sign-on (SSO) for Salesforce/Remedyforce? What tool will be used for Single Sign-on?

1.2. Will Remedyforce be supporting only corporate customer (internal company employees) or external customers (customer clients/customers) or both?

1.3. Number of End Users (Customers)

2. approach

2.1. Are you an existing Salesforce customer?

2.1.1. If so, will this implementation be installed on your existing org or a separate org?

2.1.2. Do you use or plan to use a sandbox environment?

2.2. Is your plan to implement using a phased approach or are you looking for all ITSM processes in one go-live period?

2.3. Are offshore project resources acceptable?

2.4. Which of the following ITSM areas will you be implementing:

2.4.1. Incident / Service Request / Self-Service Management

2.4.2. Change Management

2.4.3. Please rank each of the following ITSM areas by level of importance:

2.4.4. Release Management

2.4.5. Problem Management

2.4.6. Service Level Management

2.4.7. Configuration & Service Asset Management (CMDB)

2.5. Are you satisfied with your current categorizations?

2.6. Approximately how many Tiers and/or Levels do you currently have in your category tree?

2.7. Approximately how many Categories do you have in your current environment?

2.8. Approximately how many Statuses do you have in your current environment?

2.9. Approximately how many Teams or Support Groups do you assign work?

2.10. Approximately how many Roles will be required?

2.11. Approximately how many Profiles will be required?

2.12. Do you require any integrations?

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