Resilience Resources

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Resilience Resources by Mind Map: Resilience Resources

1. Website





1.3. Resources





1.4. Happiness






1.5. CSF2




1.6. Fitness




1.7. Productivity





2. Video

2.1. Presentations


2.1.2. Shawn Achor The Happiness Advantage

2.1.3. Tali Sharot The Optimism Bias

2.1.4. SSG Black Reintegration after war

2.1.5. Tania Luna How a penny made me feel like a millionaire

2.1.6. Jaime Tartar Stress and the brain

2.1.7. Alan Watkins How to be brilliant every day pt 1 Alan Watkins How to be brilliant every day pt 2

2.1.8. Tony Robbins Why we do what we do

2.1.9. Amy Cuddy Your body language shapes who you are Amy Cuddy Power poses

2.1.10. Keith Barry Brain Magic

2.1.11. Jules Evans How Philosophy Can Save Your Life

2.2. Themes

2.2.1. Thinking Traps Dropped Call New sheriff in town Dropped Call Earl got your tongue? Dropped Call Wife wolfed roast beef

2.2.2. Hunt the Good Stuff Cheese Dootles Beaker does Beethoven’s 9th Playing for Change One Love Playing for Change Higher Ground Paul Potts Paul Potts Finale Marie Forleo Positive Thoughts Positive Attitude Landfill Harmonic Kid President Pep talk BBC Animal Crackers

2.2.3. Energy Management The Marshmallow Test Bruce Lee Be like water Jillian Michaels Top 10 choices David Allen Stress Free Productivity Mike Essex Inbox Zero

2.2.4. Connection Playing for Change Complete movie Father and Son Sparrows Derek Redmond Father helps son finish race Zillow Long distance connection It’s not about the nail Guinness Basketball Active Constructive Responding Everybody Loves Raymond Active Listening Free Hugs Team Hoyt I can only imagine Story of Team Hoyt Team Hoyt Jimmy V award ESPN

2.2.5. Grit Rocky Balboa Keep getting up Why I Run Marathons Rocky Balboa The pursuit of happiness Nike Pressure Makes Us Facing the Giants The Death Crawl Song of US 2014 Olympic team Woman falls in race NOVA The marathon challenge Derrick Coleman Duracell Commercial Boy inspires kids SSG Benavidez Medal of Honor

2.2.6. Intro What is Positive Psychology Introduction to Comprehensive Soldier Fitnes Alan Alda Scientific America Corpus Callosum pt 1 Alan Alda Scientific America Corpus Callosum pt 2

2.3. Perspective

2.3.1. The Known Universe AMNH

2.3.2. Black Hawk Down Why we do it

2.3.3. Failures

2.3.4. Giving

2.3.5. Eddie Black Suicide ideation

2.3.6. A letter from Fred Sweet Loraine

2.3.7. City Slickers Find your one thing

2.3.8. Captain Picard Words of wisdom

2.4. Interviews

2.4.1. Martin Seligman You can be happy

2.4.2. BG Cornum

2.4.3. BG Cornum on CSF2

3. Contact R2 Office

3.1. SSG Eddie Black 503-584-3440 [email protected]

4. Books

4.1. The How of Happiness

4.2. Flourish

4.3. Learned Optimism

4.4. Character Strengths and Virtues

4.5. What you can change and what you can’t

4.6. The Happiness Hypothesis

4.7. Happiness

4.8. Once a Warrior Always a Warrior

4.9. Happier

4.10. Stumbling on Happiness

4.11. Man’s Search for Meaning

4.12. Getting Things Done

4.13. Inbox Freedom

4.14. Flow

4.15. The Power of Habit

4.16. Pour Your Heart Into It

4.17. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

4.18. Lean In

4.19. How to Win Friends and Influence People

4.20. University of Success

4.21. Promoting Psychological Resilience in the U.S. Military

4.22. The Awakened Warrior

4.23. The Art of Peace

4.24. The Resilience Factor

4.25. The Hidden Spirituality of Men

4.26. Unlimited

4.27. Born to Run

4.28. Body for Life

4.29. It Starts with Food

4.30. Leading with Honor

4.31. The Last Lecture

4.32. Tuesdays with Morrie

4.33. Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

4.34. How We Decide

4.35. Proust Was a Neuroscientist

4.36. Full Catastrophe Living

4.37. Superheroes

4.38. Nicomachean Ethics

4.39. The Story of Philosophy

4.40. Ethics

4.41. The Emotional Brain

4.42. The Brain and Emotional Intelligence

4.43. To Hell and Back

4.44. Beowulf

4.45. Networking or People who Hate Networking

4.46. The Happiness Project