The War on Drugs

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The War on Drugs by Mind Map: The War on Drugs

1. what are the effects of decriminalizing drugs?

1.1. source 1 Portugal drug reform.

1.2. source 2 crime rates drop with medical marijuana

1.3. source 3 switzerland's approach to heroin problem

2. what are the side effects of strict drug laws?

2.1. source 9 Cost of the drug war

2.2. source 10 black market

3. who profits from drug prohibition?

3.1. source 4 privatized prisons

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3.2. source 5 video with judge jim gray

4. what is the history of US drug prohibition

4.1. source 6 alcohol prohibition

4.2. source 7 history of drug prohibition

4.3. source 8 Breaking the Taboo