500 MBps DPX Transfer

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500 MBps DPX Transfer by Mind Map: 500 MBps DPX Transfer

1. 500 MBps DPX Disk Read

1.1. Obtain Root Folder

1.1.1. Read Sub Folders Sequentially Read Files Sequentially Write File Data To System

2. 500 MBps DPX Disk Write

2.1. Create Parent Folder

2.2. Create Sub Folder

2.2.1. Create File

2.2.2. Extract Data from System Write Data to File

3. Transfer at 500MBps

3.1. Source Transfer

3.1.1. Connect To Target

3.1.2. Interface To System Ingest

3.1.3. Write Data to Network

3.1.4. Disconnect From Target

3.2. Target Transfer

3.2.1. Listen For Client

3.2.2. Accept Client Connection

3.2.3. Read Data From Network

3.2.4. Write File Data To System