Literacy of 21st century By: Courtney Baker

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Literacy of 21st century By: Courtney Baker by Mind Map: Literacy of 21st century By: Courtney Baker

1. Collaboration

1.1. Teachers with

1.1.1. Among administrators

1.1.2. All District Personel

1.1.3. Technology Support Staff

1.1.4. Classroom Interventionist

1.1.5. Special Classroom Teachers

1.1.6. Literacy Coach

1.1.7. Media Specialists

2. Tech tools

2.1. Laptops

2.1.1. Several in every classroom. Each classroom in my building only has two desktops. This allows students mobility to work on project based learning.

2.2. Tablets

2.2.1. Apps for interventions

2.3. Webcam/Video Devices

2.3.1. Connecting and sharing outside of classroom

2.4. Internet Connections

2.4.1. Something my district doesn't always have

3. Teaching

3.1. More Project base learning

3.2. Hands on/Manipulation

3.3. More interaction among peers

3.4. Creativity

3.5. Refelection

3.6. Collaboration of ideas with other teachers

3.6.1. Even in other districts, cities, states, and countries.

4. Classroom

4.1. Deskless

4.1.1. For student collaborations

4.2. Paperless

4.2.1. Environmental effectivenss and cost

4.3. Digital

4.3.1. Growing need

5. Who?

5.1. Everyone

5.1.1. Everyone needs to be aware and involved in the progress of the students