WFH (Work From Home)

WFH (Work From Home)

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WFH (Work From Home) by Mind Map: WFH (Work From Home)

1. Good Insights

1.1. You get to spend more time with family being at home

1.2. You can save more money bearing no extra expenses at home

1.3. No worries to wear formal attire all day

1.4. Perks of having good homemade food (esp. for bachelors)

2. Bad Insights

2.1. Extra workload due to 24x7 availability at home. Sometimes on weekends too

2.2. No physical gatherings and face to face communication with office colleagues

2.3. Less physical activities being at home due to no office commutation

2.4. Most of the people find hard to follow work ethics at home

3. Balancing Work, Life and Health

3.1. Daily workout is necessary to stay fit and fine

3.2. Short breaks in between work are essential

3.3. Extend working hours only when it's very important

3.4. Take out time for yourself and spend some time doing what you love

3.5. Diet should be proper and nutritious