Atoms, cells, tissues, organs, etc. are the ones that are in charge of creating life in earth. Organism and microorganism have a symbiosis in a community that at the same time is in a biosphere that is housed in earth.

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1. ATOMS (The base of all matter) We, your dog, your computer, etc.

1.1. Atoms form group in order to create molecules, producing DNA and proteins.

2. CELLS (The base of life) All organism have cells.

2.1. The celular level is made by the mix of atoms and molecules to make organells by something called cytoplasm

2.2. When a cell can´t divide (process known as amitosis ) into more anymore, the cell can die instantly

3. TISSUES (Many cells form tissues)

3.1. There are specific types of cells that conform every organ, This means every organ have their own cells.

3.2. Renal cells, heart cells, eye cells, bond cells, etc.

4. ORGANS (An organ is formed by tissue)

4.1. The system of an organism totally depend of organs

4.2. Organs in our body are like the piston of a car motor

5. ORGAN SYSTEM (Are many organs working together)

5.1. All the organs are like pistons moving a crankshaft

5.2. In our body all the organs are connected and every one depends od others with the objective of mataining life an organism

6. ORGANISM (The product or result of an organ system)

6.1. Every organism is different

6.2. Everything that is alive is an organism.

7. POPULATION (Many organism)

7.1. A gruop of many organism of the same species

7.2. We as human, we are population conforming a community as an equal species

8. COMMUNITY (Many populations that live in the same place or area)

8.1. Humans and different species of animals, we live in a community.

8.2. Humans ans animals are in constant interaction with microorganism like bacterias

9. ECOSYSTEM (Is a community that develops in the same ecosystem)

9.1. There is contact between the living things that are in the same area making an atmosphere of symbiosis

10. BIOSPHERE (Conjunction of ecosystem where there is life)

10.1. Every part of the planet is going to be conformed by microorganism

11. Atmosphere (The thin layer that matain the living things of biosphere alive)

11.1. The atmosphere is created by the core of the earth producing a magnetic field

11.2. The aurora borealis is an example of the atmosphere of our planet that protects us from the solar storms of our sun.

11.3. Mars does not have enough mass to retain gases and have an atmosphere like the earth, so without the atmosphere, we would be like the red planet