Video Content Organization Chart

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Video Content Organization Chart by Mind Map: Video Content Organization Chart

1. 1. Vimeo

1.1. Company-specific informational content about products, services, and educational information.

1.1.1. Purpose: To educate prospects on Mulholland Brand products and services and guide through the sales funnel.

1.1.2. Strategy: Create content answering questions about products and services that always leads to more information or the next step in the sales funnel.

1.1.3. YouTube videos are not to be used on the site as they potentially pull prospects to other content and off the site. Uploaded website videos are hosted by Vimeo as we can control CTAs and direct prospects to more content within the site.

1.2. Exclusive company-specific informational content about products, services, and processes.

1.2.1. Purpose: Some videos may discuss stages of the sales process that we don’t necessarily want to share with prospects yet. This content is only accessible via private link.

1.2.2. Strategy: Create content that 1) Prepares a prospect for an event, and 2) Answers specific questions they have asked or may ask. This content is to be shared directly with prospects and customers. It is exclusive because the content may be addressing specific stages of the sales process that we want to release strategically.

1.2.3. Examples: Events: Meeting Set Up, Factory Visit, Measurement, Final Day of installation What if I Need to Reschedule my Installation Date? What Happens if I Need to Use my Warranty? Questions: Why Do I Have to be Present on Final Day of Installation? What if I Can’t Pay the Remaining Balance?

1.3. Vimeo will also be utilized an a host for internal videos (e.g. Employee Training, Recording Events).

2. 2. Youtube Channel Solely for Industry Wide Education

2.1. YouTube: Gates & Fences Learning Center

2.2. Industry-wide educational content (Not specific to Mulholland Brand; Objective content)

2.3. Purpose: To establish Mulholland Brand as a trusted expert regarding all aspects of gates, fences, railing, and pergolas and drive traffic to Mulholland

2.4. Strategy: Create industry-wide related content for top of funnel introduction. CTAs drive more traffic to other YouTube videos and back to the Mulholland Brand website for company-specific content.

3. 3. GatesLosAngeles is for Promotion of Mulholland Brand Products, Services. Not Educational. To use for the marketing of Mulholland Products through YT and Google Ads.

3.1. Search "gateslosangeles" in Youtube to find the channel.

3.2. We do always need promotional "commercial like" videos as well as the educational videos. These are always desired by Avi

3.3. In these GatesLosAngeles videos, generally (not always) the logo is brought into the video through the channel settings

3.4. I generally only mentioned the website information, and contact data in the outtro. These currently in the main giveall of our sites other than Mulholland Brand.

3.5. I am thinking that we can add those end screen attributes to completely cover those to redirect to Mulholland Brand

3.6. The current GatesLA channel could also be used just for GatesLA, and not be used for Mulholland Brand, in which case we should set up a NEW channel just for Mulholland Brand promotional videos, the basic template of videos to be uploaded there, etc.

4. 4. Social Media Use

4.1. Social Platforms:

4.1.1. LinkedIn

4.1.2. Facebook/Instagram

4.1.3. Pinterest

4.1.4. Others can certainly be added to this.

5. Note that videos should also be made with the intention of being repurposed for use in one of the other categories.

6. I am thinking there should be two separate channels for Mulholland brand and Mulholland gates