50+ Ways to Find Off Market Deals (1)

50 Ways to Find Off Market Real Estate Deals!

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50+ Ways to Find Off Market Deals (1) by Mind Map: 50+ Ways to Find Off Market Deals (1)

1. Wholesalers

2. Direct Mail (Targeted)

2.1. Absentee Owned

2.2. Vacant

2.3. High Equity

2.4. Divorce

2.5. Probate

2.6. Evictions

2.7. Tax Delinquent

2.8. Pre-forclosure

3. Every Door Direct Mail

3.1. (Blanket via USPS)

3.2. Or pick by driver routes

4. Bandit Signs

4.1. Apps like Simple Crew can help automate this.

4.2. Signsonthecheap.com

4.3. Google "We buy Houses Signs"

4.4. Keep message super simple. We buy houses + Phone #

5. Bandit Signs on Wheels (car graphics)

5.1. David's Site: http://stlcarsigns.com/

6. Yard Signs at your own properties

7. Cold Calling & Dialers

7.1. Mojosells.com

7.2. Does require skip tracing

7.3. Call FSBO on Zillow and CL

7.4. Call Properties that are for Rent on CL and ZIllow

7.5. Call Section8 Landlords from Gosection8.com

7.6. Use your old or new mailing lists, skiptrace and then call

8. Joint Ventures & Investor Partnering

8.1. Helping others

8.2. Partnering with others

8.3. Letscowholesale.com

9. Driving for Dollars

9.1. Create your OWN lists

9.2. Several Apps can help you with this: Deal Machine, Driving For Dollars App

9.3. Some also send postcards

10. Friends & Family

11. Bird Dogs

11.1. Property Finders

11.2. Dog Walkers

11.3. Mail Carriers

11.4. Trash and Recycle Workers

11.5. Firemen

11.6. Utility Company Workers

11.7. UPS Drivers / Fedex Drivers

12. REIA Clubs

13. Host your own Meetup Group

14. Property Managment Companies

15. Title Companies

15.1. They know buyers and sellers. They are great for networking with other investors, buying lists from, or even getting notified of when deals don't close on time and can be an excellent resource for finding new deals!

16. Tradesmen & Inspectors

16.1. Professional Contractors

16.2. Handymen

16.3. Maintenance Workers

16.4. City or County Building Inspectors

16.5. Code Enforcement Agents

17. Facebook Groups

17.1. Buy Sell Trade Groups

17.2. Real Estate Groups

17.3. Investor Groups

17.4. FSBO Groups

17.5. Landlord Groups

18. LinkedIn Groups

18.1. Same as above

19. Classified & Directory Sites

19.1. Place ads that you buy houses on the following sites

19.2. Angies List

19.3. Craigslist

19.4. Yelp

19.5. Yellowpages.com

19.6. Ebay Classifieds

19.7. BBB

20. Post Ads on Social Media Sites

20.1. Free Posts

20.2. Paid "Sponsored" Posts

20.3. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, ETC.

21. Automated Triggers

21.1. Craigslist and IFTTT

21.2. Zillow and IFTTT

21.3. IFTTT helps your apps and devices work together

22. Hard Money Lenders

22.1. Ask them if they have taken anything back recently or if they are about to. Maybe you can buy them or JV with other investors.

23. Professional Services

23.1. Appraisers

23.2. Bankers

23.3. Accountants

23.4. Insurance Agents

23.5. Book Keepers

24. Real Estate Agents and Brokers

24.1. Pocket Listings

24.2. Hard to Sell Properties

24.3. Expired Listings

24.4. Properties that need too much work for general public

25. Restoration Companies

25.1. Fire, Smoke, & Water

25.2. Find Local Companies

25.3. Big National Companies

25.3.1. Serpro, etc

26. Divorce Attorneys / Records

27. Eviction Attorneys / Records

28. Probate Attorneys / Records

29. Nursing Home Staff

30. Door Knocking & Post Notes

30.1. Door Hangars

30.2. Post it Notes

31. Pre-Forecolsure Lists

31.1. Door Knock

31.2. Send Letters

31.3. Skip Trace and Call

32. Foreclosure Auctions

32.1. Need Cash to buy Same Day!

33. Tax Auctions

33.1. Need Cash to buy Same Day!

33.2. Often referred to as the court house steps

34. Pre and Post Tax Auctions

34.1. Pre-> Call them and save it from going to auction buy paying the taxes for them when you buy it.

34.2. Post -> Help sellers redeem there past due taxes and buy them at the same time

35. Estate Sales

35.1. Go to the actual Estate Sale and find owner

35.2. Work with the Companies that host them for leads.

36. Neighborhood Associations

36.1. Often referred to as an HOA or Homes Owners Association

37. Bank Take Backs

37.1. Non-Performing Asset Departments

37.2. Houses they took back via foreclosure

38. Google Serach for Open Record Requests

39. Mass Media Advertising

39.1. Radio

39.2. Television

39.3. Billboards

39.4. Newspapers

40. Local Business Advertising

40.1. Shopping Carts at Grocery Stores

40.2. DMV's

40.3. Car Dealerships

40.4. Partnering Ad Campaigns

40.5. Leave Biz Cards Behind on Tack Boards

40.6. Make nice Pamphlets and leave at front desk of local businesses that you frequently use.

41. Bus and Bus Stops

41.1. Sides of busses

41.2. Bus Stops

41.3. Bus Stations

42. Park Benches

43. Youtube Commercials

43.1. Similar to TV however this can be targeted locally and is much much cheaper!

44. Company Website & SEO

44.1. SEO

44.2. Blog Posts

44.3. Landing pages

45. Pay Per Click (PPC)

45.1. Google Adwords

45.2. Youtube

45.3. Facebook

45.4. Bing

46. Retargeting Campaigns

46.1. This can be with ads or this can also be done with IP targeting for previous or Future mail campaigns.

46.2. Cookies from website visitors to keep hitting with ads

47. Social Media BOTS

47.1. Facebook BOTS

47.2. LinkedIn BOTS

47.3. Instagram BOTS

47.4. ETC

48. Money Mailers / Coupon Books

48.1. Audience and price will vary from market to market

49. Stunning Open House Strategy

49.1. Offer a free training session about what is planned to do with this house.

49.2. Invite investors / neighbors / agents, anyone that wants to come (they all know people that own houses)

49.3. Do them on both Pre-renovated homes and Post renovated homes

49.4. Show them what you plan to do or what you already did.

49.5. Wow them, collect information, Follow up!

50. Xmas Cards to all known contacts

50.1. Full Contact App

51. Over Looked Properties that fall out of Contract

51.1. Contact Agents of Pending Properties

51.2. Contact sellers of Pending Properties

51.3. Build Relationship with Title Companies to be notified when this happen at there place of business

51.4. Make back up offers to everyone

51.5. 10-15% of Deals don't close due to buyer backing out or not showing up to close.


52.1. Business networking events


53. Mass Text Blast and to Existing Lists

54. Facebook Marketplace