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Real Wins Concept

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Realewins / Real Wins by Mind Map: Realewins / Real Wins

1. Gathering

1.1. Methods

1.1.1. Email set Property in Hubspot for those that complete an action. Deal. DM Campaign. Will get email asking to share win. Banner at footer of emails with branded messaging to share wins

1.1.2. Social Posts Facebook and Instagram video posts with link

1.2. Incentives

1.2.1. Grow their brand

1.2.2. Credibility

1.2.3. Be featured on our Website

1.2.4. Chance to be Featured Investor of the month

1.3. Execution

1.3.1. Submission Portal Landing Page? 3rd Party form portal? Allows people to fill in info as well as upload a video or audio file

1.3.2. Video Explainer Talking head explaining concept

1.3.3. Branding Build Out

2. Messaging

2.1. We want to celebrate your wins with you. Share how Realeflow helped you and your business. Real People, Real Users, Real Wins.

3. Distribution

3.1. Real Wins webpage

3.1.1. Becomes a Living testimonial page

3.1.2. Realflow's Featured Investor Monthly? Quarterly?

3.2. Ads and Promotional Material

3.2.1. Short and sweet

3.2.2. Will Have that DYI feel

4. Production

4.1. Audio Submissions

4.1.1. Add Video Component Animation Broll Motion Text

4.1.2. CTA As needed

4.2. Video Submissions

4.2.1. Clean Up as needed

4.2.2. Branded

4.2.3. CTA as needed