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Energy lesson by Mind Map: Energy lesson

1. Warm up

1.1. Video on roller coaster ride and spelunking

1.2. Class discussion on video

2. Intro to energy lecture

2.1. Introduce definition of energies

2.2. Work

2.3. Formula

3. Activity

3.1. Use formula to find work of running around track

3.2. Bring out side torun track

3.3. Discuss if they felt work, and why they did not

4. Potential energy lecture

4.1. Define energy by position

4.2. Go through examples

5. PE demo

5.1. YouTube videos of situations

5.2. Class discussion of objects in video and there PE

6. kinetic energy lecture

6.1. Define energy by motion

6.2. Compare and contrast with PE

6.3. Derive 1/2mv^2=KE

7. KE demo

7.1. Use venier probes to find velocity of toy roller coaster and compare KE and PE

8. Total mechanical energy

8.1. Define TME

8.2. Compare PE to KE change in the roller coaster system

8.3. Find TME at different positions of rollercoaster