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Style Tips by Mind Map: Style Tips

1. Head Band

1.1. What you can do with a head band?

1.2. Its good for you girls that play sports because when your hair is up you might have bangs or access hair allowing you to see and with out the hassle of re doing your pony tail, bun or any other type of up do. It also works with a simple bobby pin or barret.

1.3. You can use it to pull your hair back when your on the go or when your need to see.It allows you to pull your hair up with out the hassle of a hair tie or what ever you use.

1.4. Wear behind the ears keeping bangs and front of hair. Allowing the hair to shape your face.

2. Lip Gloss

2.1. When and why?

2.2. Lip gloss gives you a fresh bright sparkleing smile. In the house or on the go. It works for any occassion and it comes off clean. Some colors look just like a lipstick just an easier access.

3. Mascara

3.1. Basic and Elegant use.

3.2. Basic: a run to the store. Or mabey even a quik pick up. When ever where ever you can put it in your purse or in your pocket. Its small accessable and easy to apply.

3.3. You see movie stars acctresses wearing it. But no need to only use it on fancy occasions.

3.4. You want to avoid the inside your when applying. If it touches your eye you want to run cold water onto your eye. On hot humid or water days you want avoid no water proof mascara.

4. Hair Ties

4.1. Why would you use them?

4.2. You use them when cleaning or exerciseing you can also do sporting events. It allows to have a new do any where. You can even just throw your hair up when your in a hurry. Its fast, easy, and it gives your hair break and it is not as heavy on your head when your in a hot humid situaion. Also very good in sport season and in the summer for all ages.

5. Bracletes

5.1. What occassion?

5.2. Any occasion and in nervousing situationsyou can have a distraction. Esspecial if you figit alot. It allows you to have a unique style and as long as you like it as your style and your like how it fits with your clothes then your fine.

6. Neclaces

6.1. Why would i wear one?

6.2. You wear a neclace with any shirt to give atention to the neckline. When you do its smart not to match these days and it allows you to express your self with any type of clothing.