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1. Golf

1.1. Leagues

1.1.1. Discount/Bonus For Upfront Payment

1.1.2. Awards

1.1.3. Special Offers For Top Peformers

1.2. Themed Events

1.2.1. Night Golf

1.2.2. Father/Son

1.3. Fantasy Golf Tour Challenge

1.4. Seniors

1.5. College ID

1.6. Rewards/Referral Program

1.6.1. A free drink at the bar when they visit

1.6.2. Free rounds of golf or complementary visitors passes

1.6.3. Once a month opportunities

1.7. Special Cross Promotions For Mapleside VIPs

2. Outings

2.1. Win back Campaign

2.1.1. Reach Out To Former Companies Ford? Browns?

2.1.2. Restate Our Commitment

2.1.3. Incentivise Offer

2.2. Charitable Opportunities

2.2.1. Great Publicity

2.2.2. Bring In New Golfers

2.3. Mini-Outings (25-60)

2.3.1. Bachelor Parties

2.3.2. Smaller Companies

2.4. Ease Of Booking

2.4.1. Event Caddy

2.4.2. Payment

2.5. Assets

2.5.1. Current Outings Video Youtube PPV Paid Ad on FB Share & Win Contest

3. Weddings/ Events

3.1. Increase Social Proof

3.1.1. Reach out to past weddings for images and testimonials

3.1.2. Award Applications

3.1.3. Increase Google, Facebook, The Knot Reviews

3.2. Targeted Facebook Ads

3.3. Take Part In Fairs/Shows

3.4. Special Offers

3.4.1. Early Bookings

3.4.2. Slow Times of the year

3.5. Optimize The Knot

3.6. Cross Promotion with Mapleside

3.7. Val Pak Offer

3.8. Lead Generation

3.8.1. Lead Magnets 5 Common Mistakes People Make When Planning a Wedding

4. Golfers Pub

4.1. Food Counter

4.1.1. Food Challenge Component High Priced Item Free If completely eaten Name/Pic on board

4.1.2. New Images Of Offerings

4.1.3. Signature Food Item The FOUR Burger Burger with four toppings of their choice from a list of 8 available The Big Bogey

4.1.4. New Menu Sign More Modern. Making In House.

4.1.5. Weekly Specials

4.2. Bar

4.2.1. Trivia Nights

4.2.2. Drink Specials

5. Marketing

5.1. Email

5.1.1. Engage List with more helpful content Tips from the pros Special Pub Offers Golf Savings Pro shop Discounts

5.1.2. Incorporate Auto Responders Booked a Tee Time Joined Our VIP Club Downloaded Lead Magnet

5.1.3. Lead Generation Proshop Guess Contests Lead Magnets Copper Club VIP

5.1.4. Automate Lead Process

5.2. Social

5.2.1. Increase engaging posts

5.2.2. Get Twitter Up and Running

5.2.3. Create Content Tips From The Pros Did You Know? Course Highlights and Tips

5.3. Traditional

5.3.1. ValPak

5.3.2. Gazette Ads

5.3.3. Signs Out Front

5.4. Website

5.4.1. Brand VIP Club

5.4.2. More Images and Social Proof

5.5. Initiatives

5.5.1. Establish VIP Club. Copper Club Copper Toppers

5.5.2. Referral Plan

5.5.3. Rewards Program

5.6. Mobile App

5.6.1. Optimize Currently booking Tee Time does not work Geo Push Notifications

5.7. Assets

5.7.1. Video Opportunities Welcome To Coppertop Video Weddings and Events Promo Course Tutorials Quick video on the best way to play each hole

5.7.2. Review All Existing Collateral For Accuracy

6. PR

6.1. Messaging

6.1.1. Looking Forward To 2019 Greg Welcome/Mission Statement Video

6.1.2. Commitment To The Community

6.1.3. Exciting Changes Taking Place

6.2. Initiatives

6.2.1. Press Releases To Regional News/Media Outlets

6.2.2. Award Applications

6.3. Reputation Management

6.3.1. Surveys

6.3.2. Bolster Reviews

6.3.3. Gather Testimonials and Social Proof

7. Staff & Facilities

7.1. STAFF

7.1.1. Unified Message No more THEY only WE

7.1.2. Above and beyond.

7.1.3. Friendly and helpful

7.1.4. Customer Issues resolved quickly

7.1.5. Phone etiquette


7.2.1. Kept Clean

7.2.2. New Golfers Pub Sign Danny and I will make More Modern

7.2.3. Music Music=Memories


7.3.1. Set and maintain high standards for grounds, facilities, employee appearance Uniformed Shirts/Hats