Communications Director

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Communications Director by Mind Map: Communications Director

1. Reputation Management

1.1. Facebook

1.1.1. Reviews Evergreen Survey/Review Funnel Customer Support Auto-responder

1.1.2. Outreach Surveys Contests

1.1.3. KPI's 5 Positive Reviews a week

1.2. Google

1.2.1. Reviews Evergreen Survey/Review Funnel Customer Support Auto-responder

1.2.2. Outreach Google Business Optimization

1.2.3. KPI's 5 Positive Reviews a week

1.3. TrustPilot

1.3.1. Review Acquisition Delighted Intergration In-app On-boarding Sequence

1.3.2. KPI's 5 Positive Reviews a week

2. Brand Growth

2.1. Podcasts

2.1.1. Types Real Estate Investing Tech Mindset (freedomology) Entrepreneurial Female Entrepreneurial

2.1.2. Integration Content Investor Insights Real Stories Software Technology Freedomology JV Pod-casters Become JV Sponsorship

2.1.3. KPI's # JV Accounts Added 4 Podcast Opportunity a Month ROI on Sponsorship

2.2. Articles

2.2.1. Types Advertorial Blogs Online Forums

2.2.2. Integration Promo Codes Tracking Links

2.2.3. KPI's 2 Articles Published A Month

2.3. Growth Hack

2.3.1. Types

2.4. Traditional

2.4.1. Types Radio Magazine Television

2.5. Social

2.5.1. Facebook Join Relevant Groups Monitor Conversations Participate In Conversations

2.5.2. Instagram Follow Influencers Hashtag Utilization

2.5.3. Linked In Identify Influencers Build Strategic Partnerships

2.5.4. KPI's

3. User Engagement

3.1. Update Video

3.2. User Servery's

4. Publicity

4.1. Press Releases

4.1.1. Identify Service Providers

4.1.2. Feature and Storybrand releases

4.1.3. KPI's 2 Press Releases A Month

4.2. Awards

4.2.1. Identify Relative Awards

4.2.2. KPI's 1 Award A Quarter

4.3. Publicity Initiatives

4.3.1. Life Events My First Deal Jenna Story

4.3.2. Software Abilities Deal of The Month 5 Deals In 5 Days Challenge Direct Mail Campaign Execution Time

4.3.3. Business Opportunities Strategic Relationships Charitable Opportunities Habitat For Humanity Adult Education Programs Adult Career Programs Worthy Causes

4.3.4. KPI's One Publicity Initiative a Quarter

4.3.5. Realeflow User Awards