Table Rock Restoration Project April 13, 2019

A service project by the Leadership Boise Class of 2018-2020, in partnership with the Idaho State Historical Society.

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Table Rock Restoration Project April 13, 2019 by Mind Map: Table Rock Restoration Project April 13, 2019

1. Communications

1.1. LB/A 1/16 Session: Government

1.1.1. Voted on this project idea

1.2. LB/A 2/13 Session: Business

1.2.1. Get T-shirt sizes (and Mens/Ladies) at sign-in

1.3. Bill to ask LB class re sponsorships & donations via emailed letter and form

1.4. LBA 3/6 Session

1.4.1. Work team sign-ups

1.5. LB 3/13 Session: Legal/Social

1.5.1. Any access and mobility needs?

1.5.2. Give general update and answer questions Bring and wear Need another sponsor High-level view

1.5.3. Work team sign-ups

1.5.4. LBA needs update and sign-ups separately on 3/6. Camille will create sign-up sheet.

1.6. Email to LB/A via class packet

1.6.1. BYO gloves, water bottle, LB hat

1.6.2. Map

1.6.3. Closed-toe shoes

1.7. Press release

1.7.1. Cornelia will pick up last year's PR and develop something

1.7.2. Erin will send to media contacts

1.8. What's App

1.9. Task captains

1.9.1. Ask them if willing

1.9.2. Orientation to task ahead of time

1.9.3. Additional responsibility re safety

1.9.4. Invite to What's App channel

1.10. Social media (Captain = Carolina)

1.10.1. History and trivia posts over 2 weeks

1.10.2. Link to time lapse footage

1.11. Partner meetings

1.11.1. Feb 4 at ISHS Reviewed Plan B Bill, Cornelia, Camille Discussed parking, access, what other groups have done

1.11.2. Mar 1 at ISHS Trail use Access and parking Review sign-up sheets and PR Significance of sacred land Bill's story re arriving in Boise Lead without limits but stay on trails Ridge to Rivers Facebook page re trail quality info upper lot crew re paint plus litter 6-10 people lower lot crew Pick up paint/glass screens ahead of time? Separate the glass Use trash marked Old Pen

1.11.3. Meet on-site April 5 Weather report Amount and colors of graffiti paint needed Gate to be unlocked for us When to pick up glass kits and supplies Photos of graffiti and vandalism for Caroline Choose site for time-lapse camera

1.11.4. Amber or an alternate will be present on event day

1.12. Team meetings

1.12.1. Feb 5 at Payette Brewing Plan what/how to ask class on 2/13 Progress updates Identify captains

1.12.2. Feb 26 at Payette Brewing Progress updates Logistics Communication

1.12.3. March 11 at Payette Brewing

1.12.4. Apr 3 Final planning meeting

2. Pre-Event

2.1. Fundraising

2.1.1. Sponsors Holland & Hart $350 for breakfast Idaho Central Credit Union $500 Icon Credit Union $500 Mooney Weiland $100 HDR Engineering $100 Shira Hotvedt $50

2.1.2. Donors Washington Trust -- BBQ lunch donation National Guard -- Porta-potty sponsor In The Bag -- $100 discount on T-shirts Sherwin Williams -- Paint donation Dutch Bros -- Coffee Lowe's 50 trash bags 50 gloves 10 rollers 10 brushes Home Depot? Brushes? Some roller handle extensions? Buckets?

2.1.3. Donations and expenses are all to be routed through the Chamber

2.2. Pick up at Old Pen

2.2.1. Garbage cans and bags

2.2.2. Grafitti paint matched to rock colors Spray cans

2.2.3. Glass clean-up kits Screen sifter 2 rakes 2 shovels 1 broom

2.3. Bring or buy

2.3.1. Dog poop scooper Cornelia can bring 1

2.3.2. Small wagon for trail crews Emily Peter Eschbacher

2.3.3. Tables Chamber Paul Cornelia will bring one 2'x4'

2.3.4. Pop-up Canopy Erin will bring Chamber's Cornelia has one RedBuilt has one

2.3.5. 4-Ladder RedBuilt has one Bill will bring one

2.4. T-shirt (Captain = Kim)

2.4.1. Vendor = In The Bag Vendor will donate $100. $460 our cost.

2.4.2. Royal blue

2.4.3. Lead Beyond Limits (but stay on the trail!)

2.4.4. 5-10 logos Washington Trust Dutch Bros. Sherwin Williams Holland & Hart ICCU National Guard Recruiting Lowe's -- Donation only, not a sponsor. Don't add theirs.

2.4.5. In production by 3/28. Will hand out at breakfast on 4/13.

3. Day of Event

3.1. Tasks

3.1.1. Painting the B Okay to sign and date a small area Bring a fat Sharpie 75' x 35' 2 teams of 11 people = 22 Captains = Chris and Shira?

3.1.2. Grafitti cover-up Upper lot team does big rocks in parking lot, both litter and graffitti clean-up. One team of 10 people. Captain = Steven? Lower lot team does lower parking lot. Lots of trash, some graffiti clean-up on concrete barriers. One team of 6 or 7. Captain = Peter? Stretch team has a step ladder and does lower loop . Two teams of 3. Captains = Darren and Jeremy? 4 additional roving teams of 3 or 4 people = 12; Captains = Christine and Kelsey?

3.1.3. Glass pick-up 2 teams of 4 or 5 people = 9 Remove evidence of fires Captains = Camille and Stacey?

3.1.4. Litter pick-up Site Access road (as far as where pavement ends) Trails Dog poop Two wagon Drop garbage bags off in Old Pen dumpster One team of 19 people. Captain = Alex? Team will split at each fork in the trail.

3.1.5. Weeds Need more instruction from David Gordon, City of Boise

3.1.6. Transport drivers Alexa +6 Bill + 5 Emily + 6 Lori + 11

3.2. Food (Captain = Darren)

3.2.1. Breakfast Dutch Bros. will donate coffee Just need name of pickup person and time for it to be ready at Chinden location. Darren will pick up. Main Street Deli wants $8 each for breakfast sandwiches. Need approx. 100. 80 burritos cut in half; fruit tray; granola bars. Salads for lunch vegetarians? Kelsey will pick up at 8:15

3.2.2. Lunch BBQ truck from Washington Trust Chorizo dogs, with chips and sodas not water Veggie dogs? Salad? GF buns?

3.2.3. Water Chamber has a 5-gal cooler RedBuilt's water cooler

3.2.4. Dietary restrictions from Madi

3.3. Social (Captain = Emily)

3.3.1. Quarry View Park Picnic reservation No alcohol served at park. Adults may choose to move to Lucky 13 at own expense afterwards.

3.3.2. Soft start for lunch between 12 and 12:30

3.3.3. BBQ truck will be ready to serve by 12:30

3.3.4. Cornelia will bring a cornhole game

3.4. Logistics

3.4.1. Set-up starting at 7:30 Prep area at top of mesa; Cornelia and Emily Place buckets and supplies Canopy with table, Chamber's water cooler, more garbage bags Graffiti paint available centrally Sign at top of trail re people on trail Set up time lapse camera for 'B' Put latex paint by 'B' Prep base camp; Bill and LB VPS 2 canopies 2 wagons for trail hikers Private Event signs First Aid kit

3.4.2. Meet at 9:00 at Old Pen parking lot for breakfast Make a map showing parking, trail head, breakfast area, Quarry View park

3.4.3. Shuttle bus to/from upper lot Gate to upper lot will be open for us Rough road to upper lot 4 vans with drivers

3.4.4. Porta-potty Need same day drop off and pick-up "A Company" recommended by ISHS $217 and no same day drop-off Rocky Mountain Corp Same-day drop-off $177 for single but not Chamber member Porta Pros $215 National Guard to sponsor

3.4.5. Plan for 70-80 attendees

3.4.6. Signage on stakes FRONT: Trail Maintenance In Progress; BACK: Trail Etiquette; Qty = 2 BOTH SIDES: Private Event with ISHS logo; Qty = 2

4. Plan B (Cleaning cells)

4.1. Cancel QV Park reservation:

4.2. Cancel Porta-potty order: Short notice is OK

4.3. Alert Washington Trust re BBQ truck

4.4. Cancel breakfast order: Minimum 1 day prior